Wish List

We made it half way to 2017!!! Yay!!! Pop the Rose!!!

How has the year gone for you? We are still trying to furnish and decorate our home (that we have been living in for almost two years… yeah!) We are on the finishing touches and right now I am on the search for the best stools. I am loving this (1) polished stainless steel bar chair. Another thing on my list this month is something that I have heard from friends, and people in the industry that it works like magic; (2) Charlotte’s Magic Cream Treat & Transform Moisturizer. I mean, I am all for anything that will keep me forever young jk. Someone that I wish will stop growing sometimes is my little guy. I don’t even feel right calling him baby because of how big he is. He is even choosing a few outfits himself and one time even chose a hat! (3) I like this little one to add to his collection. I love to see how he is developing his own style and love that it protects him from the sun. Talking about sun, I am planning a vacation soon, but I am in constant wanderlust mode. (4) This coffee table book helps me day dream of beautiful places. And when I finally reach these dreamy destinations (at least the tropical ones) I need a versatile pieces like (5) this skirt.


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