Wish List

How are you surviving this summer? I don’t mean only when it comes to hot temperatures, but if you have a kid, how do you manage to survive each and every day? This is my first summer with a toddler and between the super hot day (feels like triple digits!) and then the rain, just makes it so difficult to go out. Also, has anyone earls with child between the ages of one and two, notice that there are not many activities for them but they have so much energy to join a major sports team!?

Anyways, back to my wish list for July, it has many components that have to do with surviving summer. First, a chic, lightweight dress that I could wear any place I have to dress up. Another thing that is currently on my wish list is a sheet mask that is also a self tanner! I would also like to give a pair of hoop earrings a try. I am not sure why they are getting my attention right now. I think this might the least chicest item ever on my wish list, but I feel like I need it to survive the hot days. I have never wanted a water spray fan combo more than when I was taking my dog for a walk in the morning. And lastly, a light stroller that I can put on my bag and take it out when ever we are both exhausted!!


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