Wish List

This has been the first year in a while that I had felt it was never ending. Not all bad, it just felt like a roller coaster of experiences over and over again. As soon as we hit December I was like ‘FINALLY!’ Besides been ready to say goodbye to 2017 I am so ready for the holidays! This year while shopping for Christmas PJs for my little guy, I found this doggie PJ’s for my fur babes. The only issue, they don’t have XXL for Theo!!! So, if you know where I can find some his size, please let me know (thank you!). On another note, on my personal wish list to Santa is the nuBODY! I am a huge fan of the nuFACE and would absolutely love to try the body version! One thing that I need to shop for ASAP are snow boots. We will be going on our trip soon and I am still not ready! While searching I found these cute pair with wedge that I think would be so cute! For new years, as usual I would like to start the year (and hopefully continue) on a healthy note, this book was highly recommended to learn to add more greens to your daily life. And lastly, I seriously though I had every single schnauzer ornament in existence, but apparently there is one left that I need to add to my collection!



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