Wish List

Hello October! You are so incredibly welcome to our life. To say that we are ready to move on from crazy September is an understatement!  It might still be a bit warm outside, but I am so ready for layering and wearing darks from now on! We don’t get much of a fall or winter weather down here. I think that is why I love layering and fall style so much. I am ready to start buying fall and even winter clothing. This month I want to get (1) my favorite spring jeans but with a fall twist! Another thing on my fall list is a more (2) structured bag but with a twist. One thing that I also love to do in between season is changing the scent of my home (3), another bonus about doing this, is that it gets me in to the holiday mood early. On another note, If I could get myself a little treat this month, it would be this (4) shoes. I saw them at a breakfast at Neiman Marcus and wow! Felt in love! Lastly, we can forget about our nails. I am loving a (5) midnight blue for a darker shade this fall.


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