Traveling Tips

Many of us are going to be traveling during this holiday season to visit friends and families. We all know how now days, traveling is far from a glamorous thing, so here are a few tips to make your travels as chicest as we can.

  • Try to find as many of your beauty products as wipes. They would not only help you save space and avoid potential leaks but also help you refresh your face after a long trip.
  • Save samples from your favorite beauty products that way you it will be easier to carry them.
  • Or you can go to and travel size versions of your favorite products
  • The high altitude of flying or a long road trip can take some of the color away from your face so always carry concealer and blush in your make up bag to add a bit of color.
  • Traveling can make even the best hair day, turn in to a bad hair day very easy. The best hair style to travel is a side pony; looks so chic, easy to lean back and sleep and it is very easy to fix, even without a mirror.
  • Use the space from your shoes to pack little things such as your sucks or extra small things.
  • For your clothes to arrive wrinkle free roll it all together. I know it sounds a bit crazy but when I pack a lot and want my clothes to arrive without wrinkles I always roll it. Pack clothing made out of cotton first and easy wrinkle fabrics such as silk on the top of the roll.
  • High altitude can be very drying to your skin so carry a small bottle of moisturizer or a hydrating mist
  • Air airplane food and road trip fast food are awful!  Pack healthy and fulfilling snacks such as nuts berries or even a good energy bar.
  • And lastly please don’t wear sweats (unless is a very long trip and you change as soon as you can.) A soft and comfy pair of jeggings, a cotton T, and chic cashmere sweater and a jacket or scarf depending on where you are going, are a cute option for an comfy and chic outfit.  Also wear flats and take an extra pair of socks for the security line.

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