Top Trends Fall 2017

Lastly, we can’t forget about the accessories. The final touches of our outfits and sometimes they way we express who we are. There are a few trends coming back, others evolving and even a few one that will be very fun to try specially during the holiday season! Here are the top five accessory trends you will see this fall


Continuing Trend: Statement Earrings 

The trend of the spring was the statement earrings. The trend continues, but this time instead of bright colors, it is all about modern shapes and metal colors.

Evolving Trend: Choker 

Say goodbye to thin, middle of the neck chokers and hello to bold, thick, collarbone hitting necklaces.

Shoe Trend: Crystals 

Shine bright light a diamond is the motto of all this seasons top shoe trend. The more bling and festive the better. You have many options, from sandals to boots; you would be shining with every step.

Bag; Structure 

Taking us back to the days of the lady bag, this season the biggest bag trend is all about structure. Unlike the lady bag this season’s lady bag comes in many sizes!

Something New- Mini Purse 

You might only be able to fit your lipstick and your credit card, but it is ok since you still have you regular bag.

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One Response to Top Trends Fall 2017

  1. Hi, Love this. Some other thoughts…
    I found that chokers were unbearable and almost literally choked me. A short necklace with a charm that lays at the very base of the throat is far easier to wear and is a fashion classic. If this is for alternate lifestyle wear…and you know what i mean…then they are suitable only for private wearing and not public. Perhaps something small and symbolic would be okay, but nothing obvious.

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