Thanksgiving, The Outfit

This year I decided to gather inspiration for my outfit straight out of the holiday. I didn’t want to go literal but gather little inspirational pieces to create my outfit. Fashion is an incredibly important way to represent our self, but I think at times we can’t take it so seriously and we should have fun. This description of my outfit is definitively more on the light side of fashion. So let’s start!

My turtleneck sweater is inspired by the pilgrim’s style as you can tell by the bell sleeves. For the traditional touch, I went for a tweeted skirt. Classic fabric and always chic so it was a no brainer. Food is such a huge part of thanksgiving so I had to gather inspiration from one item of food that can’t be missed at the thanksgiving table, cranberries! I decided to go for some burgundy boots.

Sometimes a cute outfit is just a cute outfit. Nothing bigger than that! That’s why I decided to write this silly post. Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to appreciates the true blessings of the year. If you are wearing a cute outfit while doing it, is just the cherry on top!




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  1. I love this look for Thanksgiving!! Those shoes are perfect for fall


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