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Snow Day at Home SPA

I never expected to actually have snow days this winter in Houston. But shockingly we actually had two.. yes TWO different occasions were we got snow. The last one was actually two days ago. Since we can’t really go out, we were basically stocked at home. Have you ever been at home with a toddler? … Continue reading

What to Pack for a Ski Trip

  Editor’s note: It has been a few years since my family and I had a cold, winter like Christmas. This year we decided to go on a ski trip for the holiday. Here is the thing; I am not a big fan of skiing and it has been a while since I visited a … Continue reading

Skin Hydration in the Heart of Winter

When it is even cold here in Texas,that means that we are facing the heart of winter. This time of the year can be so incredibly dangerous for your skin, specially if you have dry skin. Between the cold, heaters and the constant change dramatic change of temperature when we are coming in and out … Continue reading

Winter Neutrals

The good thing about our mild Texas winter is that we don’t have to hide our outfit with overwhelming coats. I mean, we do like to add a coat, but mostly to finish the outfit. Does any one still follows the ‘no white after labor day’ rule any more? I hope not, because I definitely … Continue reading

Grunge Winter

It took a while but winter is finally here!!! You can finally feel the chill in the air. On a side note, I kind of wish we could redo Christmas with this weather. I mean our neighbors were having a pool party on Christmas eve! Any ways, back to our current winter; it just feels … Continue reading

Street Style Love

  They are many ways to wear them, from a wrap to a poncho but my favorite is as thick scarfs, bonus when they can give you a new bob look with out cutting your hair. They are so cozy, and chic perfect for the winter. I specially love this looks

Contrast Coat

It is even cold in Texas! I was thinking of way to make my outfit pop but wearing a solid color coat all the time kind get a bit boring. This winter choose a contrast material coat. The mixture of texture and sometimes colors can give your outfit

Street Style Love

I, myself do not think i could pull off a hat, but I have a few friends that pull a hat like no other ( I am looking at you Fifi and Carrie!) I started to search the net for a few inspirations, in case I decide to be brave and just rock one. Here … Continue reading