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Frankly My Dear …

You know, one of my favorite things about getting older is stop giving a damn! Let me explain, from pre teen to even mid twenties we focus so much on how we can make people like us (or at least I did!) I spend way too much precious time trying to become someone that everyone … Continue reading

Tending Sandals 101

Time to let our little toes out to play! This is the season for sandals and we have so many fun trends that will satisfied any style. From heel to wedge and my new favorite, the slide (oh you don’t even understand the love that I have for the sandal slide!) Here are the top … Continue reading

Off Shoulder Tunic

When summer arrives in Texas, you truly feel it! This is why we have to be very awarded of fabrics and silhouette. Cotton and linen are a must! I absolutely love the tunic silhouette because of its airiness and its comfort. I choose to go for the trendy off the shoulder look with long sleeves. … Continue reading

Summer Reading 2017

I am happy to report that, I am getting a bit much time to cross a few books off my list. To be honest, most of the books I am currently reading have to do with parenting a toddler (the terrible twos are real and they are early!) and… potty training, but I would love … Continue reading

Wish List

Before I start sharing the details about my wish list; since this is a ‘wish list’ some times items can be very expensive. I decided to add a few affordable alternatives that you can also shop! You would think that summer would bring some color to my life, but oddly it hasn’t. I have notice … Continue reading

Top 3 Summer Makeup Tips

Summer can be a bit tricky when it comes to beauty and specially makeup. In celebration of the new NARS boutique opening at River Oaks District here in Houston, I asked one of NARS top makeup stylist, Yaneek Proctor to share some of her fabulous knowledge makeup and help us out by sharing her top … Continue reading

All You Need is Glow

  I am a beauty obsess girl BUT when the summer hits our beautiful state of Texas, wearing makeup is not as fun or enjoyable as usually is. The 100+ degree weather and humidity and melts everything just takes any make inspiration you could have. Thankfully I major look right now is the natural glow. … Continue reading

Wish List

  Besides the anniversary sale, the half a year sale is an amazing time to shop at Nordstrom’s and find amazing deals! This is why I decided to incorporate the sale to this month’s wish list. One because, that means I can actually get them all this month and two, incase you also want to … Continue reading