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What to Pack for a Ski Trip

  Editor’s note: It has been a few years since my family and I had a cold, winter like Christmas. This year we decided to go on a ski trip for the holiday. Here is the thing; I am not a big fan of skiing and it has been a while since I visited a … Continue reading

Reviving Your Skin

Summer is full of fun outdoor adventures but all the time in the sun can cause major damage on our skin. The good news is that this is the perfect time to revive your skin to have a beautiful skin to welcome the fall. The key is no brainer; hydration so drinking the right amount … Continue reading

Favorite Beauty Masks

Since I decided to wear less make up on my every day life, I have gotten a new appreciation to taking good care of my skin. I mean who doesn’t want beautiful

Summer Face

I love make up, and one of the best part of photo shoots is getting hair and make up done; but during the summer, outdoor shoots can get difficult. I met a friend after a resent photo shoot and she mention that I looked like I was feeling warm. She was right! Photo shoot make … Continue reading

Beauty Tip: Protect Your Skin

It is very important to protect your skin against the wind and cold during this time of the year. After moisturizing add a bit of a little bit of Gloves in a Bottle Shielding lotion for extra protection.

Beauty Tip: Keep it Cool

To help your skin care  products lasting longer,  keep them refrigerate after opening them. In the case of wrinkle creams,  you can get a better ‘lift’ from colder creams than room temperature.

Beauty Tip: Exfoliating Mask

If you don’t have time or money to visit the SPA before your fabulous Valentines day date, I have a great solution for you. This home made mask is great for a deep exfoliation. All you need is 1/2cup of mashed papaya 1 teaspoon of  yogurt 1 teaspoon of honey Mix all the ingredient on … Continue reading

..:: Beauty Tip ::..

♥ Don’t forget about your hands; Always moisturize them after washing.  Also don’t pull your cuticles, this way your hands would look beautiful and fabulous. ♥