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The New Year Plan

Happy New Year! I have been MIA here for a bit because, I decided to take the holidays off and enjoy every single adventure and celebration with my family. It was absolutely refreshing to be able to travel with out my laptop and my multiple note pads and agendas (I am old school!). Unlike other … Continue reading

Wearing PJ’s Outdoors and a New Tradition

Happy first Monday of 2017! How are you feeling right now? Me, I am thankful for such a great holiday season, but also thankful it is done. Now that I am older, I absolutely love the holidays because, I don’t only get to spend time with my family but, I also get to see Christmas … Continue reading

How to Freshen Up Your Home

A new us doesn’t only have to be about our appearance but also about our home. A little freshen up on our home can be just the detail we needed to kick start the new year with a new vibe. Here are a few tips to freshen up your home

Update Your Look

The saying ‘New Year, New You’ feels like such a cliché by now, but the New Year is a great time to update your look. It doesn’t have to be a full on makeover; sometimes just a little change can make all the difference! Here are 5 easy tips that would make a world of … Continue reading

A Year of Transformation

    2014 was quite a year for me. When I took some time to reflect on the year I realized just how many things have changed.  While living life from day to day it’s easy to overlook the significant strides you’ve made.  This year also brought some setbacks, but though these set backs came … Continue reading

How to Wear a Boxy Jacket

Because of its roots (from Miss Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel her self) this is an incredible chic piece to have in your closet. No longer you have to wear it with it matching skirt. The boxy jackets has turn it to a fresh and sophisticated final

Wish List

  Happy New Year!!! Can you believe it is 2014?! It still feel surreal. Time to achieve new goals and experience more adventures!  This year I am starting a monthly wish list of

New Year Cheer

At the sound of the tolling midnight bell a brand new year will begin. Let’s raise our hopes in a confidant toast, to the promise it ushers in.   May your battles be few, your pleasure many, your wishes and dreams fulfilled. May your confidence stand in the face of loss and give you the … Continue reading