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Q&A: Brooke Wise from KIDZXPLOR

As summer approaches, I am starting to realize that I don’t have much time to find some kind of fun activity for my little guy. I never though that my search for summer activities would come so soon, I mean he is not even two yet. What I never realized is how fast babies become … Continue reading

Random Rambling

When you are a new parent the advice never stops. I am not complaining, I’m clueless when it comes to motherhood so any piece of advice is absolutely welcome. The one thing no one ever told me was; how aware of my own mortality motherhood will make me. Don’t get me wrong; I was not … Continue reading

Casual Days

As much as I wish I could achieve the perfect look daily (can any one really) Some days can be a bit more tricky than others. Not just because I might not feel in to it, or because I am spending the entire day at home, but because my lifestyle has once again changed. Having … Continue reading

Baby Boy’s Spring Shopping List

I was a bit hesitant to title this post with ‘baby’ since sometimes our little guy doesn’t seem to be a baby any more. He is so independent and wild, that it is hard to believe that not that long ago, he was just a wish his dad and I had. But since his doctor … Continue reading

Working from Home

The irony of working from home is that, even though I am constantly reading about fashion and beauty, it is not easy to get dress up when you know you all you are going to do is work from home and maybe run some errands. After many years from working from home, I’ve learned that … Continue reading

Staying Zen

Pretty sure you have heard this before but after having kids it is incredibly difficult to find time to work out. I try to go to a class here and there when my little guy is at MDO but during that time I have so many things to do I don’t get to do it … Continue reading

While I was Away

I under estimated how amazing it would feel to be away with no TV and with very limited (… like lucky if I had any) WiFi. I actually didn’t realized it till we landed and we went to our car and turned the radio on. All of the craziness news (plus a few pretty sad … Continue reading

Cooking Class with The Foodie Chef

Sometimes my learning how to cook journey feels never ending. I mean, this was a new year’s resolution from 2012! I am happy to say that, I am slowly improving, mostly because now I have to cook, at least twice a week (Mostly for baby!). I am not a proud person, I know need help … Continue reading