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Random Rambling

One question I get asked a lot is; why I don’t show my son’s face on social media. I was incredibly hesitant to write this post (or even to answer the question when I am asked) because I don’t want to come out as preachy or judgmental. I think everyone has the right to choose … Continue reading

Inside the Bubble

Last week was bit rough on the parenting department. It was one of those situations were no matter what you do, you feel like you are failing, but in reality whatever happens, it will be ok because you are trying your best. To get to this conclusion I needed some clarity and some relaxation. Thankfully … Continue reading

Traveling with a Toddler

This was not the first time we’ve traveled with our little guy. Not even the first time it was only the three of us on the flight. But it was the first time our son was traveling as a toddler. My son is pure boy! He is energetic, adventurous, and fearless. We knew it wouldn’t … Continue reading

Baby’s First Swim

I have a confession to make, I was not a so excited about sending my little guy to swim class so young. I am not a fan of the water, open water is one of my biggest fears, and as ridiculous as it sounds, thinking of my little guy in a bug pool full of … Continue reading

Random Rambling

Usually by now, I would already have a gift guide for Mother’s day. I mean, it is an important holiday; moms are awesome! While searching for items to add to my gift guide post, I realized that when it comes to motherhood there is really not one sizes fits all. I might see motherhood different … Continue reading

Q&A: Brooke Wise from KIDZXPLOR

As summer approaches, I am starting to realize that I don’t have much time to find some kind of fun activity for my little guy. I never though that my search for summer activities would come so soon, I mean he is not even two yet. What I never realized is how fast babies become … Continue reading

Random Rambling

When you are a new parent the advice never stops. I am not complaining, I’m clueless when it comes to motherhood so any piece of advice is absolutely welcome. The one thing no one ever told me was; how aware of my own mortality motherhood will make me. Don’t get me wrong; I was not … Continue reading

Casual Days

As much as I wish I could achieve the perfect look daily (can any one really) Some days can be a bit more tricky than others. Not just because I might not feel in to it, or because I am spending the entire day at home, but because my lifestyle has once again changed. Having … Continue reading