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Beyond Off the Shoulder

  The fact that is almost fall doesn’t mean that the off shoulder trend is going away. But to be honest, I am kind of honest of this off the shoulder trend. The good thing is that there are more options to show off your beautiful shoulder, my favorite is the off the shoulder halter … Continue reading

Two Years

  Two years ago, our lives changed completely. After many years of trying and wishing, our little guy finally arrived to this world. I never understood the saying ‘days are long but the years are short ‘ till I met our little guy. Not going to lie, motherhood is hard, but no matter how difficult … Continue reading

Wish List

To say August is a crazy month is an understatement. It has always been a crazy month in my family, between back to school, last minute summer vacay, my mom’s and dad’s birthday and now add our little guy’s birthday to the mix and it feels like everyday is a celebration this month. As I … Continue reading

Baby’s First Swim

I have a confession to make, I was not a so excited about sending my little guy to swim class so young. I am not a fan of the water, open water is one of my biggest fears, and as ridiculous as it sounds, thinking of my little guy in a bug pool full of … Continue reading

July Beauty Faves

This month I am sharing a few of my favorite lip product, since it is so incredibly hot and humid for any type of makeup for not to melt. If you are lucky enough to be able too wear any lipstick (or any type of lip product for that matter) and 1) not have dry … Continue reading

Random Rambling

It is absolutely natural to outgrow things. It is part of life! We outgrow our clothes (literally and figuratively), friends and sometimes lifestyle. Sometimes the growing involves growing pains; sometimes it is just a smooth transition. All this rambling about outgrowing is because I feel like I have outgrown something that has to do with … Continue reading

Sweet Scape: Jungle

The beach or some chic European city, are what I usually wanderlust during the summer. I know, so incredibly cliché, right?. But this year, I am craving something a bit different. A few years ago, the hubs and I visited the island of Kauai in Hawaii. It was a different type of vacation since we … Continue reading

Wish List

We made it half way to 2017!!! Yay!!! Pop the Rose!!! How has the year gone for you? We are still trying to furnish and decorate our home (that we have been living in for almost two years… yeah!) We are on the finishing touches and right now I am on the search for the … Continue reading