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Random Rambling

It is absolutely natural to outgrow things. It is part of life! We outgrow our clothes (literally and figuratively), friends and sometimes lifestyle. Sometimes the growing involves growing pains; sometimes it is just a smooth transition. All this rambling about outgrowing is because I feel like I have outgrown something that has to do with … Continue reading

Sweet Scape: Jungle

The beach or some chic European city, are what I usually wanderlust during the summer. I know, so incredibly cliché, right?. But this year, I am craving something a bit different. A few years ago, the hubs and I visited the island of Kauai in Hawaii. It was a different type of vacation since we … Continue reading

Wish List

We made it half way to 2017!!! Yay!!! Pop the Rose!!! How has the year gone for you? We are still trying to furnish and decorate our home (that we have been living in for almost two years… yeah!) We are on the finishing touches and right now I am on the search for the … Continue reading

Yeah, it is from Target!

The hubs and I got married very young, right out of college to be exact. As you can imagine we were pretty broke! Lack of money didn’t stop my crave for style, this is when my love for zara and yes, target begun. Both of this stores are amazing places for a broke twenty something’s … Continue reading

Random Rambling

    Oh the innocents of youth and lack of experience, such a blessing and a curse! There are sooooooo many things I promised myself I wouldn’t do as a mom that I am doing right now. I would love to slap some sense in to my young innocent self. This realization hit me the … Continue reading

May Beauty Faves

  As a beauty obsess, I am very lucky to get to experiment with many different products. I love sharing my favorites in different post, but sometimes it can get tricky to make and individual post for each product. This is why I decided to start a new series each month. Starting this month, I … Continue reading

Random Rambling

Usually by now, I would already have a gift guide for Mother’s day. I mean, it is an important holiday; moms are awesome! While searching for items to add to my gift guide post, I realized that when it comes to motherhood there is really not one sizes fits all. I might see motherhood different … Continue reading

Wish List

April showers brings may flowers… and lots of allergies! Texas in the spring is absolutely lovely but if you are allergic to pollen and grass and nature in general. I blame my allergies to my city girl roots. But just because I can’t smell the flowers for a long period of time, it doesn’t mean … Continue reading