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What to Pack for a Ski Trip

  Editor’s note: It has been a few years since my family and I had a cold, winter like Christmas. This year we decided to go on a ski trip for the holiday. Here is the thing; I am not a big fan of skiing and it has been a while since I visited a … Continue reading

Q&A: Mollie Tunitsky founder of Fit Fab Fod Map

During my son’s first day of school orientation, one of the mom’s was talking to the teacher about her son’s allergies and what to do if he came in contact with any of these foods. I started thinking, Even though the list was long and it sounded pretty scary, both the mom and the teacher … Continue reading

Classic Greek Salad Dressing

I couldn’t share my amazing experience taking a class with The Foodie Chef her self with out having a little recipe to share from the class. I decided to share the dressing recipe because of how simple it is to make and also because it versatility. For our salad we used cherry tomatoes, olives and … Continue reading

Cooking Class with The Foodie Chef

Sometimes my learning how to cook journey feels never ending. I mean, this was a new year’s resolution from 2012! I am happy to say that, I am slowly improving, mostly because now I have to cook, at least twice a week (Mostly for baby!). I am not a proud person, I know need help … Continue reading

Making a Baby Food E

During my pregnancy I talked about starting to focus more on eating healthier. I am pretty sure every mom does this, plus being a new mom added a little more madness to my health obsession. Well, now that our baby is ready to eat real food, my healthy madness is back! I found a few … Continue reading

Holiday Recipe from the Foodie Chef

Around this time of the year, I usually share a little holiday recipe (like this Ponche Navideño). But this year I wanted to share something different; One, because I don’t have any more recipes, and two, because I wanted to share something from a pro, that I know you guys would truly love! I met … Continue reading


Last week I was invited by two of my favorite ladies (and fellow bloggers) Megan and Candace along side B&B Butcher and Restaurant to a get together with other Houston blogger to try out this delish restaurant.

Random Rambling

Do you make resolutions at the beginning of each year? I know, we are already in the middle of May why am I talking about new year’s resolutions. I am pretty sure many of us forgot ours already. I, as many other people do make resolution and then comes the first week of January and … Continue reading