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Fathers Day Gift Guide

This is the holiday when I truly need a gift guide. Both my dad and my husband refuse to answer the question on what do they want for father’s day or any holiday for that matter. The answer is always the same frustrating ‘nothing’!!!!! Over the years, I’ve learned to read little cues and get … Continue reading

Gift Guide:

This father’s day is pretty special. First one with our baby boy and the pups together! My hubby has been such an amazing father to our fur kids and to our baby boy, I am so excited to shower him with love and celebrate his day. Sometime we underappreciate the importance of fathers and grandfathers … Continue reading

Random Rambling

When I told a friend of mine that I was having a boy she immediately said ‘ I am so glad you are having a boy, I know you will raise him to be a gentlemen and respect women.’ Her reaction flattered me and surprised me at the same time.

Father’s Day Gifts

This does count as the hubby first father’s day right? If not, its ok we have been getting each other mother and father’s day gift from the dogs since we been married. This year I was really good and I actually got his gift early! Just in case he is reading this I add it … Continue reading

Random Rambling

Since I told you about my mom in May, it is only fair that I tell you a little bit about my dad the month dedicated to fathers.  My dad has the kindness soul of anyone I ever met. Every single person that he meets immediately feels at ease with him. He has a special … Continue reading

Father’s Day Gift Guide

It is the Dad’s turn to get some love this month. I know we all have different kind of Dad, some are more outdoorsy others prefer the finer things in life. Thankfully there is always something out there that they will love her are a few ideas

Happy Fathers Day!

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Happy Father’s Day