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A Day In The Life Of a Single Girl

I have a confession to made; I absolutely enjoy lessening to my single girlfriends dating stories. Since I met my husband at barely twenty years old my experience with dating is incredibly limited. Thankfully I have my single girlfriends to fulfilled my necessity of entertaining single girl stories. Think watching SATC but I actually know … Continue reading

Starry Wrap

While having coffee with a friend we were talking about how when it comes writing, blogging and social media in general we prefer to think like no one is looking at it. (‘blog as if no one is reading” she said!) By no focusing so much about the number of readers and viewer’s I feel … Continue reading

Wish List

Hello October! You are so incredibly welcome to our life. To say that we are ready to move on from crazy September is an understatement!  It might still be a bit warm outside, but I am so ready for layering and wearing darks from now on! We don’t get much of a fall or winter … Continue reading

Boot Guide Fall 2017

If you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy actual fall weather, I am so jealous! I am currently day dreaming about wearing a cute pair of boots (I have my eye on the thigh high red boots!) Boots, are a staple of fall winter, and this season we have a few new trends … Continue reading

Highlights from NYFW SS2018

This season, fashion week was a great distraction when I needed a little break from reality, Specifically traffic! While NYC was enjoing it’s semiannual fashion week, we in Houston were getting recovering from hurricane Harvey and that recovery involved lots and lots of traffic. While we waited to get to our destination, I would checked … Continue reading

Loving Right Now

I am currently having a huge hoop earrings moment. I love how they are a big statement earing but at the same time are not overpowering. I also love that they can be casual or dressy. Not many jewelry pieces can be that versatile. And let’s be honest there is something about hoop earrings that … Continue reading

Transitioning Piece: Jumpsuit

This transitioning times can be so different depending on what part of the world you are. You might still be felling incredibly warm like us in Texas or you might already be in need of a light cardigan or jacket. A great piece during this transition time is a jumpsuit. It is not only a … Continue reading


To say that our city of Houston had a eventful couple of weeks it’s an incredible under statement. I have never seem so many parts of the city under water. I never imagined having to evacuate my home via boat. But we are a mighty strong city, and if any one can pull back from … Continue reading