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Disco Christmas

Colder weather is here, and it truly it beginning to look and feel like Christmas! While shopping for the last people on my list I decide to wear one of my favorite outfits! I absolutely love my flair jeans and this 70’s/ Rachel Zoe inspired outfit, is not only chic but also comfortable. Plus, when … Continue reading

Green and Black; the Underrated Paring

I am still not sure what I am wearing for Christmas. The fact that once again we are going to be out of town, kind of makes it complicated to choose an outfit. Last year we had a super casual beach Christmas. Even the church service was very layback, and I mean I live in … Continue reading

Celebrating the Holidays

Just because your outfit is simple, it doesn’t mean that it can’t make a big statement. This Christmas, I am wearing basically 2 pieces, a maxi knitted dress and a faux fur collar that I am planning to wear as a stole. Because the dress is basically a huge sweater it is incredibly comfortable that … Continue reading

Baby Boy’s First Christmas Outfit

Excited doesn’t even begin to explain how excited I am for Christmas. Besides the decorations, the food, family time and gifts; I am so excited about my little man’s first outfit. It might be surprising that we are actually doing Christmas a bit more casual this year. As easy as onesies are I am kind … Continue reading

Random Rambling

One of my family’s traditions for tonight is, to attend Christmas mass at midnight. I remember when I was a little girl; it used to be very difficult to stay awake. I also remember as a kid praying for my future husband. I use to close my

Latest Home Decor Obsession

  I start early looking for inspiration for my Christmas tree. This year was a little extra special since is the first tree at our new place ( mean, bigger tree yay!) I went for gold, silver, and red … and of course schnauzers!  It end up looking very traditional, and I am 100% ok … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Opening Presents

Just because its the morning and you might have gone to bed very late the night before, does not mean you have to look like a mess, I mean pictures are going to be taken during the opening of presents right? Layering is a chic way to look great and comfy while opening gifts