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Wish List

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August is my birthday month, that is why this month’s wish list is dedicated to things that I would not mind getting for my birthday. The list is more like ‘If I could get anything for my birthday’ kind of list. But, I mean if we are dreaming about getting anything I would like to be 4 year younger. Because I feel old? In the contrary, I feel more like in my early to mid 20s and would love for my driver’s license to match. I guess this just proves that age is just a number.

 Now to the list;

 Flowers: Who doesn’t love flowers, especially peonies. I would be more than happy to received only flowers on my birthday.

Fountain Pen: I would love to learn to sketch using a fountain pen. I seen a few illustrators using them and it looks amazing.

I Pad mini: I was one of the suckers who purchase an Ipad as soon as they came out. It recently just shut down FOREVER so I would like a mini one to replace it. Oh and if it comes with a cute case that is a plus!

100 years of Fashion Illustrations: I need this in my life. That’s it!

Chanel Wallet: It is such a classic piece, and I mean if I am aging, I would love to start collecting the classic pieces of a women.

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My First DIY


The other day I was looking through some old boxes and found a beautiful frame but the back of it was broken. I didn’t want to throw it away because it is so pretty so I decited to make it a perfume and accessory tray. At first I didn’t know what to do as a background. My first thought was a mirror but that was way to much work, so I looked for some chic wrapping paper around my house. I Continue reading

Mariniere Stripes


Remember how my fashion resolution for 2014 was to dress more ‘Parisian’, well one of the essential pieces for this look is whit out a doubt a stripe shirt. For fall the black and white stripe shirt is perfect but for spring/ summer a navy and white combo is the best. If you want one more reason to love this Parisian style staple, besides being super chic, well Coco Chanel herself started this trend. Continue reading

Loving Right Now:



One of the many items on my Chanel shopping list are some vintage pearls, but after seeing Karl Lagerfeld modern twist on the classic pearls I have one more thing to add to my list!

P.S. Found very similar necklace for way lower price here… Just FYI!  Continue reading

Chanel Métiers d’Art 2013/2014 Collection



And now to the beautiful, and very Americana, collection Continue reading