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Wish List

To say August is a crazy month is an understatement. It has always been a crazy month in my family, between back to school, last minute summer vacay, my mom’s and dad’s birthday and now add our little guy’s birthday to the mix and it feels like everyday is a celebration this month. As I … Continue reading

Wish List: Birthday Month Edition

August is the beginning of birthday season in my family. We have 3 birthdays alone this month so we are full of celebrations! This year is very special because it will be our baby boy’s first birthday! This is why I wanted to do things differently this month. Instead of sharing my top five items … Continue reading


  Hello thirty I’ve been waiting for you! Exactly one year ago I was seating with my husband talking about our upcoming Hawaii trip and what to do to celebrate our 30th birthday. I was freaking out because I felt like I wasn’t ready to turn such a milestone birthday. Oh! what one year can … Continue reading

Random Rambling

I usually do my little random ramblings of Fridays, but today is a very special day. Today is my hubby’s Birthday!!!! He is an incredibly private person; I mean he doesn’t even have facebook! I use to say that he had an old soul, but now even our grandmothers have facebook so

Random Rambling

Today begins my last year as a 20something. Yes, today is my 29th birthday! Since the beginning of the month I’ve been having mix feelings. Some days I am 100% ready, and even excited and others I wish I could stop time, or even go back to a couple of years. But unfortunately, we can’t … Continue reading

Wish List

{click on the + to see details about the item} August is my birthday month, that is why this month’s wish list is dedicated to things that I would not mind getting for my birthday. The list is more like ‘If I could get anything for my birthday’ kind of list. But, I mean if … Continue reading

I Am Back, and It’s My Birthday!!!

The hubby and I are back from vaca and ready to go back to work…

Age is Just a Number…

Even thought I still feel 22, another birthday is upon me. I try to stay positive about many things, but for some reason my birthday tends to get me. This is why when I think about my birthday, I think about getting together with the family, good food and of course  presents! I never get … Continue reading