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Beauty Goodies Under $25

Beauty products can get so pricey, I know I can get carried away and spend more than I wanted to on a fabulous cream or lately the latest beauty gadgets. But honestly, there are so many good affordable beauty products and gadgets. I think it would be refreshing for me and the blog to share … Continue reading

Wish List

Hello October! You are so incredibly welcome to our life. To say that we are ready to move on from crazy September is an understatement!  It might still be a bit warm outside, but I am so ready for layering and wearing darks from now on! We don’t get much of a fall or winter … Continue reading

September Beauty Faves

I never expected for the month of September to be such an insane month. Many of my beauty MVP’s for this month, have to do with items that I used to survive the stress and the craziness that all this month brought; from sleepless nights to fast and easy way to add a little glow … Continue reading

Beauty Tip

I knew August to February was going to be crazy; we can call it my busy season. Stress was not something unexpected during this time. One month down of this crazy time of the year and my level of stress already surpassed past year. The fact that we experience one of the worst natural disasters … Continue reading

August Beauty Faves

Editors Note: I had this post ready to go up before Harvey devastated our community. Many people, including my family are still struggling with the aftermath. We are a strong city, and I know when this is all over we are going to be stronger on the other side. For now trying to get back … Continue reading

Top Trends Fall 2017

I have to start this list with my favorite beauty trend; Natural! I was very happy to have seen many designers choose this look to show their collection. Other designers such as Simone Rocha, Erden and Burberry choose to go even farther by having models of different ethnicity skin tones and even ages. I was … Continue reading

Beyond Off the Shoulder

  The fact that is almost fall doesn’t mean that the off shoulder trend is going away. But to be honest, I am kind of honest of this off the shoulder trend. The good thing is that there are more options to show off your beautiful shoulder, my favorite is the off the shoulder halter … Continue reading

Rapunzel’s Potion

Bangs are just not for me. I got them; it was a bit traumatizing. I tried to keep them up; it was so much work. I tried to worked with them; I just gave up. I don’t regret getting them; I think it is healthy to get them out of my system but pretty early … Continue reading