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Beauty Oils

For many years, I avoided oils because I was very afraid they would increase breakouts. I though using my moisturizer was a good enough option since I had oily skin. The thing is, I was absolutely wrong. In the beauty oil world, there are many options for many skin types including oily. Face oils that … Continue reading

Fave Anti-Aging Products

If you follow me on Insta stories and snapchat, petty sure you had seen me experimenting with many beauty products. Since I turned thirty, I decided to experiment with product that will help my aging skin (I mean, everyone’s skin is aging no matter what age you are) but, at thirty it is the perfect … Continue reading

Loving Right Now

Past seasons it has been all about the glow when it came to beauty trends. Don’t worry the glow is not going anywhere, but instead of a golden tone, it is more of a natural shades of pink. From blush to lipstick and eye shadow, I am absolutely loving pink as part of my beauty … Continue reading

Sunblock Season

I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t really cared about the importance of sunblock till I was on my late 20’s. As a teen I was such a sun worshiper, if I had an opportunity to lay down and got a little tan I did. I am very lucky to have a natural olive … Continue reading

Beauty Basics

As a beauty obsess, my ‘regular’ beauty routine might be a bit too time consuming for some people. I get asked a lot what are the basic essentials for a good beauty routine. One that would get you ready for the day and at night, get you ready for your beauty sleep, but also that … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Bangs Baby

It has been a little more than a month since I got bangs, even though it hasn’t been that long, I think I had learned a few things about them during this short time. The first thing I learned, even before I got the bangs, was that; no styles of bangs are equal. Another very … Continue reading

Skin Hydration in the Heart of Winter

When it is even cold here in Texas,that means that we are facing the heart of winter. This time of the year can be so incredibly dangerous for your skin, specially if you have dry skin. Between the cold, heaters and the constant change dramatic change of temperature when we are coming in and out … Continue reading

New Year, New Hair

Warning: Before considering doing an extreme change to your hair, consider that even though you finally got the haircut you’ve been eyeing for years, and you finally achieve that Parisian girl look; the change might be too shocking and you might cry in your car after you leave the salon. I consider myself a pretty … Continue reading