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Beauty Tip

I knew August to February was going to be crazy; we can call it my busy season. Stress was not something unexpected during this time. One month down of this crazy time of the year and my level of stress already surpassed past year. The fact that we experience one of the worst natural disasters … Continue reading

Beauty Oils

For many years, I avoided oils because I was very afraid they would increase breakouts. I though using my moisturizer was a good enough option since I had oily skin. The thing is, I was absolutely wrong. In the beauty oil world, there are many options for many skin types including oily. Face oils that … Continue reading

Fave Anti-Aging Products

If you follow me on Insta stories and snapchat, petty sure you had seen me experimenting with many beauty products. Since I turned thirty, I decided to experiment with product that will help my aging skin (I mean, everyone’s skin is aging no matter what age you are) but, at thirty it is the perfect … Continue reading

Must have Makeup Brushes

I still remember the first time I did my make up using make up brushes. I was still in high school and the only place that I ever used a make up brush before was for my cheeks. I couldn’t believe how easy and good it made my makeup looked. Brushes are a very important … Continue reading

Get Skin Ready for Fall

Ok, lets be real. Here in Texas, we are not even close to having fall weather. That doesn’t mean that we have to continue our relaxed summer skin routine. Honestly, this is the perfect time to repaired any damage we case during the summer, since soon the holidays will be here and there would be … Continue reading

Sunburn SOS

The hubs and I finally had a chance to take a little summer getaway trip. We love the Caribbean so we choose Jamaica. Unlike our previous trips this one was mainly focus on relaxation. Well, the last day I think I was way to relaxed, I forgot to reapply sunblock so my upper body was … Continue reading

Easy Beach Beauty Tips

We are on the peek of beach season. There is something about a beach vacation that makes me not want to do a thing. Even my beauty routine can feel like a chore while laying on a hammock listening to the waves. But unfortunately, taking care of our hair and skin doesn’t take a vacation … Continue reading

Beauty Tip

  I usually don’t wear fake lashes. Actually, I can count with one hand the times i have worn fake lashes, and that includes prom and my wedding. A couple of weeks ago I was in vegas and decided to try on Georgie La Chérie Faux Lash Compact. It comes with a black adhesive glue. I am … Continue reading