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Random Rambling

One question I get asked a lot is; why I don’t show my son’s face on social media. I was incredibly hesitant to write this post (or even to answer the question when I am asked) because I don’t want to come out as preachy or judgmental. I think everyone has the right to choose … Continue reading

Traveling with a Toddler

This was not the first time we’ve traveled with our little guy. Not even the first time it was only the three of us on the flight. But it was the first time our son was traveling as a toddler. My son is pure boy! He is energetic, adventurous, and fearless. We knew it wouldn’t … Continue reading

Traveling with Baby

My friend Candace and I use to always say that everything happens for a reason. This saying was on my mind the entire two hours (and a few extra minutes) that it took us to fly from Houston to Chicago. For our baby boy’s first flight, we were expecting him to be shy and unsure. … Continue reading

Introducing Baby to Dogs

This is a very overdue post, but I wanted to wait till I was sure that the relationship between both dogs and the baby was strong. Even before our little guy was born we try to learn and worked on the introduction between our fur children and our new member of the family. Just like … Continue reading

Modern High Chair

Back in early December, when the pediatrician gave us the thumps up to feed our baby food I was very excited to look for a high chair. I was incredibly nervous about him actually seating so I search for something super comfortable. Now that he is getting older and more independent, I don’t feel his … Continue reading

Classic Stripes

Since turning 30 and becoming a new mom (all in the same month!), I’ve being going throw this style evolution. I mean, I think we are constantly going throw some type of unconscious change in our style, depending on what is going on in own life. But there is always at least one drastic change … Continue reading

During Pregnancy: Third Trimester

I am going to be very honest with you; It doesn’t matter if you have a super easy pregnancy like me or a very difficult one like Issa; The third trimester sucks! My pregnancy was so good and normal that complaining about anything feels wrong at times.

During Pregnancy: Second Trimester

One of the most annoying things about pregnancy, at least during the second trimester, was the fact the any time I asked my doctor about an odd symptom, the answer was mostly ‘ it might be something, or it might be nothing. Every pregnancy is different’. Thankfully most of my odd symptoms end up been … Continue reading