Sweet Scape: Jungle

The beach or some chic European city, are what I usually wanderlust during the summer. I know, so incredibly cliché, right?. But this year, I am craving something a bit different. A few years ago, the hubs and I visited the island of Kauai in Hawaii. It was a different type of vacation since we didn’t spend much time on the beach, or relaxing. Instead, we signed up for outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking (This is very unlike us). Even though it was a different type of vacation than our usual, we had such a fun time and would love to do it again. So today I am day dreaming about a jungle type sweet scape!



Going back to Kauai is always an option, but we have many options closer to us like Mexico or Central America. Another option that is actually in my bucket list is Kenya. It is definitely a bucket list destination that I hope to make one day. Besides the fact that now days, they have the most luxurious ‘glamping’ hotels in he world, the chance to see the majestic gorilla or any type of wild animal for that matter, in its natural habitat is absolutely priceless



A friend who is currently traveling around the worldhighly recommends Away
Luggage, specially since the are the right size carry on for any airline in the world. As much as I would love to not do a carry on, I have a husband who is obsess with NEVER checking our bags. (He had many incidents were his bag was lost so it is understandable)



When it comes to clothing; active wear, shorts, T-shirts and one or two dresses in case of any type of nice dinner. Remember jersey fabric is the best when it comes to travel!




Not sure how much swimming will be happening, but I feel like here you can choose something more leaning to fashionable than beach friendly. A chic and very trendy one piece would be a great option, maybe with cut outs or something colorful. I love one piece for this types of trips because you can easy put a pair of shorts on and continue the adventure!



The accessories are very important here but maybe what you would usually pack at least not in my case. bring maybe one pair nice sandals and statement earrings (or better yet shop for new pieces locally and bring home a beautiful souvenir! Do pack, tennis shoes, beach sandals, and probably water shoes. It really depends on the activities you are planning to do. Also a backpack and yes maybe even a fanny pack! They have some chic one out there and they can be incredibly useful!




My favorite part about traveling to tropical destinations is that I don’t have to take as many beauty products. Sunscreen is #1 no matter what it should always be in your bag! A good face wash, and a night serum can be also good to have. If you have crazy hair maybe a leave in conditioner. And if we are pushing it mascara and lipstick (can also be use al blush) just in case some nice dinner comes up!


Oh now I am seriously craving a fun adventures vacation this summer. Are you planning any trips during the summer? Where are you planning to go and what are you taking with you?


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