Starry Wrap

While having coffee with a friend we were talking about how when it comes writing, blogging and social media in general we prefer to think like no one is looking at it. (‘blog as if no one is reading” she said!) By no focusing so much about the number of readers and viewer’s I feel more comfortable to share what I truly care about.

Knowing this, you might be surprise as I was, to know that I was named one of four It Girls of Instagram by Tidbits. I am incredibly honored and a little shock to be included, especially since I am in very good company! Go to to vote for your favorite it girl and to RSVP Wednesday, October 11 for the big celebration at Neiman Marcus! Hope to see you there!



Now to the dress, little wrap dress are the everywhere. Because of this, I hesitate to get one till recently found this one with out ruffles on the sleeves. I love how it is a great option for a warm fall, light but with a fun print. Here are a few other options with a few different colors (the very popular red) and different materials

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  1. I love how you styled this! Very chic 🙂


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