Romance of the Photograph

I was very lucky to have met my soul mate at a very young age, and even more bless to celebrate our 5th Wedding anniversary this January.

I have to admit I am a bit of a romantic and I am surrounded by amazing examples of love, from my parents and grandparents to friends.  We learn by others journey, their ups and downs and how true love can overcome it all!

Fashion Photographer  (And friend) Jay Marroquin, recently started a project called  ‘Romance of the Photograph’. The project will be a book that will include in-depth interviews and the photography medium, readers will be taken on a journey to 30+ countries around the world, to answer one of life’s eternal questions…what is love?

But for him to accomplish this beautiful project he needs our help!

Please feel free to visit his indiegogo page for more info. A donation as little as $5 will make this project a reality. Also an great way to help is by spreading the word. Tell your friends about it, and share the link to all your social media outlets!

On behalf of everyone involve on this project and myself

Thank you! 

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