Rapunzel’s Potion

Bangs are just not for me. I got them; it was a bit traumatizing. I tried to keep them up; it was so much work. I tried to worked with them; I just gave up. I don’t regret getting them; I think it is healthy to get them out of my system but pretty early on after I got them I was ready to let them grow out. My hair grows pretty fast, but what I learn about bangs, at least my bags, is that since a had such a huge post pregnancy hair lost, the area of the bangs was mostly baby hair growing back. So basically it took longer than usual for bang hair to grow back. There are a few options to help hair grow, but since my issue was mild I decided to try a natural option.

Rapunzel’s Potion is natural enough that it can be use on infant and kids. Perfect for me since I was looking for something natural. Also, our little guy still takes a bath in out bathroom and it is nice to know that the products around him are save. It also helps fight 100% hair loss, regenerates lost hair back out and makes your hair softer and shine. After using it for about three months, I notice that my hair was specially my bangs, were growing a lot faster than before. Not only that but it the thickness and the shyness that my hair lost after baby is finally back!

Do you need a little hair boots or have any recommendations for me to improve my hair? I would love to hear what any suggestions


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