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One question I get asked a lot is; why I don’t show my son’s face on social media. I was incredibly hesitant to write this post (or even to answer the question when I am asked) because I don’t want to come out as preachy or judgmental. I think everyone has the right to choose whatever they feel is the right thing for their kids.

To answer such a simple question; first you need a little back ground about me and my husband. When we met, facebook just started. While I was an early lover of the (at the time only) website to connect with other college friends, my husband never got into it. Fast-forward to today and he still doesn’t have any social media of any kind. It was just never for him. In my case the love grew over the years to the point that it became my job to manage different companies social accounts. So it is clear that we have different views when it comes to sharing things with the world.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited to share the news here. Many of you had been there since day one of my fertility struggles and I was so excited to share the great news. As the months past I started to day dreamed about the day that I was going to finally meet our little guy and of course, how I was going to introduce him to the world. (show him off a la Lion King was always my first idea!). While on our baby moon, I shared my extravagant plans with my husband. Suddenly, he stopped me and said that he would prefer, if our son were not part of my blog. I was devastated! Even though I try to keep personal stuff out of the blog as much as possible, our son was going to be such a big part of our life that it would be near impossible to avoid sharing anything about him.

After talking about it, we were able to come up with a compromise that made both of us happy. I will share photos of him but with out showing his face. As much as I would love to share every single adorable thing he does, my husband made some pretty good points. One being that when our son grows up, he might be like his dad and not so into sharing things with the world. I mean he might also be like me, but it would be nice to let his start with a clean slate when the day comes when he decided what to share and not to share in social media. But the biggest reason is that, our son is OURS, not just his and not just mine. I have to keep in mind my husbands feelings and views with every decision we make about him.

As much as I agree with our compromise it took me a while to accept it and to see the other good things about it. When he was born, I so wanted to take a photo of his beautiful sleeping face but slowly I’ve realized that, at least for us, not share photos of his face fits us and actually fits my blog. I say it fits my blog because I am 100% not a mommy blogger. Nothing against mommy bloggers because most of them know what they are talking about and are doing it amazingly, but me, I am winging it here! I am clueless and most of the time I am not sure what I am doing, so when I share anything about my motherhood journey is usually what I learned from nightmare experiences.

I hope you guys can understand why I limit the post he is on and why I don’t show his little face. And again, this was our personal decision on how to deal with sharing photos of our son on my public social media outlets. I am not trying to tell you that this is the right way or the best way, this is just what works for us!

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