Q&A: Brooke Wise from KIDZXPLOR

As summer approaches, I am starting to realize that I don’t have much time to find some kind of fun activity for my little guy. I never though that my search for summer activities would come so soon, I mean he is not even two yet. What I never realized is how fast babies become little toddlers and how much my little guy would love to socialize and to be active. Thankfully now there is an app for parents searching for fun activities for our kiddoes. No more getting lost on different sites that might not match your schedule. Kidzxplor helps parents like me, find fun age appropriate activities for my little guy, all in the palm of my hand! I chatted with Brooke to learn more about Kidzxplor.


What was the inspiration for kidzxplor?

kidzxplor was created and inspired by all of our own children. We recognized the need for a tool to help the search, discovery and booking of kid’s classes. We have used Class Pass for adult fitness classes and thought this concept would fulfill the need in the children’s class market. We research every class partner we have and find the best kids classes in Houston, so Houston parents don’t have to take the time. kidzxplor not only helps kids explore new activities, but also provides flexibility for parents who may not have the time to commit to a whole session of a single class.

How does it work?

kidzxplor is a monthly membership service available by app and website that allows members to book children’s classes across many different interests without a long term commitment.

In what cities is kidzxplor available?

kidzxplor is currently available in Houston and St. Louis. We have plans to expand to several other cities soon!

What activities can I schedule?

kidzxplor offers a wide range of classes to choose from. We currently have music, gym, arts + crafts, swimming, foreign language, yoga, cooking and performing arts. We are adding new class partners and classes frequently!

Is there an age requirement?

kidzxplor is geared towards children ages 0-12 years old.

How many activities can I take per pass?

kidzxplor memberships are family memberships, so you only need one membership per family. We offer several different membership options. You can buy a single class pass for $17, a 3 class pass for $39 per month, a 6 class pass for $79 per month or $129 for 10 classes per month. 1 class pass will be used per child, per class attended and any unused passes will carry over to the next month.

Can I use a pass in different cities?

Currently, kidzxplor passes can be used in Houston and St. Louis.

What are your favorite activities that you recommend in Houston?

It is hard to pick a favorite! My 3.5 year old daughter, Blake, is really into the art classes and swim classes. Jodi’s daughter, Evie, really loves music class! My son, Dylan, is into the more active classes like Gymboree and The Little Gym. The great thing about it is the option to mix it up and try lots of new activities throughout the year!



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