The New Year Plan

Happy New Year! I have been MIA here for a bit because, I decided to take the holidays off and enjoy every single adventure and celebration with my family. It was absolutely refreshing to be able to travel with out my laptop and my multiple note pads and agendas (I am old school!). Unlike other times I had taken some days off, this time around I didn’t feel the stress or the pressure of not posting. I realized that slowly, C&F has become more of a hobby than a business. The transition happened very organically since my little guy was born. I can’t blame the transition fully on motherhood, but also personally the way the blogging industry was going, wasn’t really where I wanted to go. After the hurricane, it hit me; C&F need it to change or I even considered deleting it all together. The blog has been my baby for so long, it didn’t feel right to make such a drastic decision so fast, so I gave my self the rest of the year to see how everything went and how I felt about C&F for 2018.

Well, after a crazy rest of the year I realized that C&F will have many changes and fewer post. I think the biggest change is that C&F is going back to its early roots. I never intended for this to be a personal style blog. My dream was for this page to be more of a ‘magazine style’ blog, where I could share trends, styling tips, beautiful editorial, and of course beauty tips and beauty obsessions. So, personal style post (like the one I am posting today ironically) might be very rare. Also, the amount of post is going to be less. Only things that I really feel like sharing, no pressure of having to post something on certain day or feeling force to post something because it is sponsored. Managing a blog can take so much time, and 2018 is already looking super busy  specially in my personal life, so I will share more on my instagram account, since it is faster and easier.

Another thing that had been bothering me about the blogging industry and social media in general is authenticity. I feel like it is getting pretty crazy how unauthentic and superficial the blog/social media world is getting. After talking with friends and getting many questions like ‘how can bloggers wear different outfits every time’ or ‘how can I start a blog with a limited budget, when it seem like bloggers have limitless amount of money?’, I realized that It can show an unauthentic, unachievable lifestyle. I read a few articles that this ‘fake reality’ is causing depression among people in my generation. I know personally I have fallen in to that trap before, specially during my infertility days, it was difficult at times to see these photos of picture perfected families, with beautiful children, perfectly clean and decorated homes and everyone looking perfect ALWAYS! I use to question if that ‘happiness’ really excited. I know everyone’s life can not be pictured perfect all the time but this ‘fake reality’ really can mess with our minds. I really would hate to be part of the problem, so I will avoid posting any photos that don’t show any authenticity.

I know I am not alone on these new ‘refresh’ ideas for 2018. Many of my friends who are in the industry feel the same way. Has this New Year changed your mind about how you are going to move forward in your life? Or are you making any changes or even a fresh start this year? Please share!


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