Long Lasting Pedi

Like many people, I am very lucky that my pedi usually lasted for a very long time. During a resent trip, I was counting on my luck of long lasting pedicures to continue so I didn’t got a fresh pedi before leaving. Unfortunately this time my luck ran out and after my 2nd day there, most of the color was gone from my toes.

I decided to go on the search for tips to help my pedi last a long journey or just letting me be a bit lazy on my pedi upkeep.

While searching, I found an incredible number of tips, some where crazy others required buying an specific product. After many days of experimenting, here are the tips that helped me have a long padi.


  • Start with buffing your nails and some cuticle oil
  • Removed any left polish by wiping a bit of nail polish remover. The nail polish remover is also going to help remove any left over oil.
  • Add basecoat
  • Paint the toe nails in sheer thin coats. It might take more coats but since they would dry faster than thick coats, there is less chance of any accidents.
  • Finish with a topcoat with UV protections. If you are visiting the beach try to apply this topcoat every few days.



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