Layering It

Happy New Year everyone! How were your holidays? If you follow me on insta, you already know that my family and I spend Christmas in the mountains of Colorado. Since the year before we spend it al the beach we wanted to do the exact opposite this year. It also works out that my entire family (besides me!) are incredibly athletic and were excited to ski in the slopes, even my mini athletic guy got in the ski action and took his first lessons. I know I am bias but he was pretty amazing!

If you follow my holiday vacation, you might had also notice that it looked like I only wore one outfit the entire time. I mean, I didn’t but since it I wore my thickest jacket and my snow boots the entire time because it was frizzing. It seemed that way. I imagine that if you live in a colder place you might have more options, but what do you do when you live in a warm area that all the sudden gets a cold front? You layer as much as you can!




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