Inside the Bubble

Last week was bit rough on the parenting department. It was one of those situations were no matter what you do, you feel like you are failing, but in reality whatever happens, it will be ok because you are trying your best. To get to this conclusion I needed some clarity and some relaxation. Thankfully the following day I had an appointment for a facial at Façade Beauty with one of my favorites beauty brands Natura Bissē.

I have been a fan of Natura Bissē for years! The diamond white glowing mask is my go to mask for fall (you can read all about it here) so when I was invited to experience Natura Bissē’s exclusive Bubble Pure Air experience I didn’t hesitated to say yes. What makes the Bubble Pure Air such an amazing experiences for any type of beauty treatments is that, the air inside the bubble is 99.995 percent pure, so you immediately feel better as soon as you step in side.

One thing that I wasn’t expecting as soon as I step inside the bubble was to see virtual reality goggles waiting for me. Before my facial go started, the images, the music and the calming voice from the video helped me achieved a level of relaxation that I had never experience before a facial. This experience is call The Mindful Touch and it combines mindfulness, virtual reality, the power of touch and the most advanced skincare by Natura Bisse. This part was key to help me clear my mind and realized that everything is going to be ok after all.

I am a huge fan of the diamond collection so I was very pleased that all the products used were part of that collection. Here are the products that were use during the facial and a few of my other favorites.



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