How to Wear a Silk Blouse

Use to be consider a very working girl only item; Now days the silky blouse can go from day to night and has truly become and essential in a 21th century  women’s closet.

  • Keep in mind, since the fabric is silk, so the look has to be soft and flowy not crisp like cotton.
  • Don’t mix silk with silk, it would look too much like pjs.
  • If the fabric seems to stretch, especially in the top part, go for a larger size.
  • The trend is loose fit so it is save to, no matter what, go for a larger size.
  • Mix it with fabrics like leather for an edgy look or Skinny jeans for a more casual look
  • For a modern look, go for prints, but for a classic look stay with a solid black or white.  


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