Frankly My Dear …

You know, one of my favorite things about getting older is stop giving a damn! Let me explain, from pre teen to even mid twenties we focus so much on how we can make people like us (or at least I did!) I spend way too much precious time trying to become someone that everyone liked. It is not that I am not naturally likable, I mean ‘No soy monediat de oro’ (A saying that literary means ‘I am not a gold coin’ so not everyone is going to like me) but, there is something about the rejection of our peers that really freaks people; including myself out. I got the clothes, the hair, the makeup, did the fake smile, attended events that I honestly most of the times didn’t wanted to go, but felt like I had to be there and yes even forced friendships for the good of my business (aka the blog). I have to admit that having the blog can make this insecurity’s bigger and the eager to belong even greater.

As I got older, had a few major life experiences under my belt and learned a few lessons in life, I started to stop caring so much about belonging. I think I got very lucky because in my case, the realization that I just didn’t cared so much about ‘fitting in’ happened very natural.

I am a veteran in the blogging world, I been on major publication and sat front row at my favorite designers shows, visited vogue and seen Anna Wintour in action. My goal when I started the blog was to enjoy a little glimpse of the fashion world and I did. It has never been about the money or the about becoming famous. I could delete the blog today and still feel satisfied with everything I had done. I feel like that has giving me the freedom to one, continue blogging whatever I feel like, and two; to just don’t give a damn in general.

As I mention before, I hardly ever go to event. I can’t really blame my carelessness to my lack of fashion social life, I mean, having a toddler doesn’t help. But when I do go out I see the younger bloggers and I can see who is still in that same stage that I was when I started and who is true to themself already. I have major respect for the relatively new bloggers who are already truly doing this for the right reasons. On the other side, I can’t explain in words how unappealing a person who sole focus is their instagram followers and if you follow them or not. Luckily, I am not alone in my ‘not giving a damn’ stage of life. Many of my friends who were (as my friend Issa calls us) OG bloggers feel pretty similar, so I understand that it might just be an age thing or a stage in life.

After all that rambling (maybe this post should had been random rambling huh), now to my outfit; I love this boho look, so incredibly simple and affordable and just perfect for summer. Here is another thing where I just don’t give a damn, clothing. For so long crop tops cared me so much, I always though how my abs were not up to the part. But now all I hear (in Clark Gable’s voice) ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.!’ aka my new mantra!


Photo by @Chrissjlee


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