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If you follow me on Insta stories and snapchat, petty sure you had seen me experimenting with many beauty products. Since I turned thirty, I decided to experiment with product that will help my aging skin (I mean, everyone’s skin is aging no matter what age you are) but, at thirty it is the perfect time to start taking things seriously. After a while of experimenting, here are my current favorite beauty products!



I had to add my favorite first. I don’t have huge wrinkles yet, but the ones that I do have (smile and forehead) have minimized. As you know I prefer to go make up free if I can, I only wear ERASA XEP 30 and then add sun block and my skin looks perfect all they long!

Chantecaille Retinol Intense +

 Even before turning 30, I knew Retinol was key for perfect skin. I tried many retinal products, but many of them actually made me break out. This one is night only and doesn’t irritates or break out my skin!

Clarins Multi-Active Jour

When it comes to beauty products Clarins is a brand that you know it will work. It is relatively affordable compared to other products (that actually work) This is perfect for a day cream and light enough to layer with other products.

Lift Lab Skin Regeneration

This is like an all in one product! I think it would work better if you already have damage skin, but it is never to early to start taking care of you skin. I only used it once a day, but I know of people who used it in the morning and night and worked wonders!

Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream

This is perfect for all my 20 year old friends, starting to use night creams. It is affordable, does the work that it promise and you wake up with beautiful glowy skin!

Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair

If you prefer serums Estee Lauder’s has one of my favorite ones out there. It is also night only so very low maintains! This one is pretty good to start using in your 20s to start preparing your skin for the future.

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum

Another good serum, but this one you apply twice. Don’t forget to add sunblock in the morning! Also a good starter for anyone who wants to start getting use to a morning and night beauty routine. For this one I notice that it help a lot to even my skin tone.

Baby Quasar

This one is more of an investment piece, but if you are able to purchase it, I highly recommended! It is basically a spa treatment at home. (From all the science behind it HERE)

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