Cherry on Top


One of my ultimate people to follow on insta stories is Jamie Beck (@annstreetstudio). If you love the French country side, photography, and amazing style, I highly recommend for you to check her out. She is currently in Provence where she doesn’t only shares her incredible photography skills via insta stories, but she also shares her so chic and effortless style. A few weeks ago she posted a simple bottom down dress that looked fantastic with the backdrop of the beautiful French countryside.

I was so inspired by her look that I went on the search of a similar dress. Even though I am obsess with her style, I can’t forget about my own, plus I am not in Provence and my lifestyle is provably very different than hers (hence I have a toddler). I found a few great ones all made out of different materials, but oddly enough this one with a cherry print was the one that took my attention. I am not a big fan of prints, even less of fruit prints but for some reason this dress was calling my name.

Do you search instagram or other social outlets for inspiration? Who do you love to follow and have you ever found a piece that has called your name even though its not really what you usually would go for?


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2 Responses to Cherry on Top

  1. What a cute dress! You look great.

    Kara Aragon

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