Cheat Sheet to Spring 2018

I might be a bit MIA here but that doesn’t mean that I would not share my one of my favorite post to write each season. This time around I am doing it a bit different and mixing fashion, accessories and beauty in to one post. Of course all this trends are very wearable with a few fun trends that you might to give a shot. Enjoy!

Wearable Art

The print of the season has to be art inspired pieces. You can go for a full look or just opt for a t-shirt to add this trend to your look.



The very playful trend of fringe can be a statement piece of you look or just a little fun detail.






Or even a soft shade of pastel pink are definitively the color pop of the season, and refreshing shades  to start the warmer  months. you can go with one piece this color of mix and match  head to toe mixing from this color family




Soft White Maxi

Forget about the LBD is all about the SWM this season. I am incredibly excited to shop for my soft airy pieces this season!








Kira Kira for the Night

I blame this sparkling trend to the app that we are all obsess with. This sparkling trend would be your go to outfit to go out on the town.







Cinderella (esc) Heel

the transparency trend has move to shoes this season. Many designers decided to channel their inner modern Cinderella and created transparent shoes, others opted for just details to give an optical illusion.





Statement Earrings

We continue this trend but this time any style goes, from shiny statement earing, to a more modern style. You can even choose to wear only one or two different earing!





Round Bag

A shape that we see slowly becoming the it bag, it is all about the chic round bag this season!


The New Red Lip

The red lip is such a classic is never going to be out of style. This season to give it a bit of a modern look, makeup artist decided to give it dimensions in many different ways. One way they did was by applying a matte color around the lip, then, blurred the edge for a soft finish and finally to give that dimension look they added gloss was added to the center of the lip.


Natural Glow

I am so glad this trend continues. As I get older, I understand more and more that the only way to achieved long lasting natural beauty is by taking care of yourself and your skin (Health = Beauty). But if we still want a little bust on our glow; a light highlighter and gloss are always welcome!



Accent Cat Eye

After finishing your cat eye, add a pop of color on the tip of the cat eye for a fun modern look.

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