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Music festivals are not really my thing, I mean out door for a long time with a large crowd… no thanks. The one thing I do enjoy is the fashion. Thankfully it is something that I can watch from the comfort of my home! I love all the fun boho styles to gather inspiration for … Continue reading

Echo en Mexico

Even though my roots are mix with pretty much everything (I did the 23 and me test to confirm it),  because I was born in Mexico city and lived there till I was nine years old, my first reaction  when someone asks me where I am from, will me Mexico. I am very proud to … Continue reading

Adding Color

Yes, I do wear colors beyond neutrals, and more during summer and spring! I mean, I did have to add some white with some white wide denim. This top is actually very special. Years ago I was able to work with an incredible local designer, Jerri Moore, she is an absolutely beautiful person inside and … Continue reading

Nineties Glam

I was very precocious when it came to fashion magazines. My first memories include me looking at fashion magazines, and checking out the latest trends. I remember in the 90’s, seeing Naomi Campbell wearing a slip dress, she looked so statuesque, so chic, oh so beautiful. I can’t exactly remember what year this was but … Continue reading

Casual Days

As much as I wish I could achieve the perfect look daily (can any one really) Some days can be a bit more tricky than others. Not just because I might not feel in to it, or because I am spending the entire day at home, but because my lifestyle has once again changed. Having … Continue reading

In Between

When we are in between seasons, like now, we have to get creative. During this time of the year, here in Houston, we basically get all four seasons in one day. Other locations are a bit more lucky with a more stable weather. Either way, by March I know most of us are ready to … Continue reading

70s Vibes

Jeans and a button down sounds like such a simple pairing, but you can actually show so much personality with it. A simple way to add personality is with accessories, but if you like me and prefer a minimal accessory life, it is all about the cut and style of the pieces. I am loving … Continue reading

Working from Home

The irony of working from home is that, even though I am constantly reading about fashion and beauty, it is not easy to get dress up when you know you all you are going to do is work from home and maybe run some errands. After many years from working from home, I’ve learned that … Continue reading