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Layering It

Happy New Year everyone! How were your holidays? If you follow me on insta, you already know that my family and I spend Christmas in the mountains of Colorado. Since the year before we spend it al the beach we wanted to do the exact opposite this year. It also works out that my entire … Continue reading

Grunge Winter

It took a while but winter is finally here!!! You can finally feel the chill in the air. On a side note, I kind of wish we could redo Christmas with this weather. I mean our neighbors were having a pool party on Christmas eve! Any ways, back to our current winter; it just feels … Continue reading

[editorial] photography

Paris Fashion Week Vogue España February 2015

[editorial] photography

A Wave Of Reflection Vogue Japan October 2013 Model: Joan Smalls

[editorial] photography

On with the Show Vogue Australia March 2013 

The Editor’s Eye

For more than 120 years, Vogue has created iconic images thanks to the support of an amazing team of photographer, stylist, models and editors. Vogue has gather a group of this iconic images in a coffee book call Vogue: The Editor’s Eye. 

[editorial] photography

Melanie Werner for Grazia Germany Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Photographer: Tina Luther

[editorial] photography

Harper’s Bazaar UK April 2014 Poetry in Motion – Dancers of the Royal Ballet Photography by Tom Allen