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Disco Christmas

Colder weather is here, and it truly it beginning to look and feel like Christmas! While shopping for the last people on my list I decide to wear one of my favorite outfits! I absolutely love my flair jeans and this 70’s/ Rachel Zoe inspired outfit, is not only chic but also comfortable. Plus, when … Continue reading

Green and Black; the Underrated Paring

I am still not sure what I am wearing for Christmas. The fact that once again we are going to be out of town, kind of makes it complicated to choose an outfit. Last year we had a super casual beach Christmas. Even the church service was very layback, and I mean I live in … Continue reading

Thanksgiving, The Outfit

This year I decided to gather inspiration for my outfit straight out of the holiday. I didn’t want to go literal but gather little inspirational pieces to create my outfit. Fashion is an incredibly important way to represent our self, but I think at times we can’t take it so seriously and we should have … Continue reading

Relaxed, Colorful, Opulent

I am starting to get a bit more into colors, even though it is winter and it is basically prime season for dark neutrals (aka my favorite) but it is fun to some times play with colors, even bright colors. I had these pieces for a while, but the other day I was thinking was … Continue reading

Lace and Jeans

Lace is having a major moment right now, and that is not a surprise since there are so many options; from items of cloth, to style of lace, there is something for everyone. I seen lots of lace dresses this summer and spring, so for fall I chose to embrace the lace trend with a … Continue reading

Starry Wrap

While having coffee with a friend we were talking about how when it comes writing, blogging and social media in general we prefer to think like no one is looking at it. (‘blog as if no one is reading” she said!) By no focusing so much about the number of readers and viewer’s I feel … Continue reading

Transitioning Piece: Jumpsuit

This transitioning times can be so different depending on what part of the world you are. You might still be felling incredibly warm like us in Texas or you might already be in need of a light cardigan or jacket. A great piece during this transition time is a jumpsuit. It is not only a … Continue reading


To say that our city of Houston had a eventful couple of weeks it’s an incredible under statement. I have never seem so many parts of the city under water. I never imagined having to evacuate my home via boat. But we are a mighty strong city, and if any one can pull back from … Continue reading