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Q&A: Brooke Wise from KIDZXPLOR

As summer approaches, I am starting to realize that I don’t have much time to find some kind of fun activity for my little guy. I never though that my search for summer activities would come so soon, I mean he is not even two yet. What I never realized is how fast babies become … Continue reading

Random Rambling

When you are a new parent the advice never stops. I am not complaining, I’m clueless when it comes to motherhood so any piece of advice is absolutely welcome. The one thing no one ever told me was; how aware of my own mortality motherhood will make me. Don’t get me wrong; I was not … Continue reading

Casual Days

As much as I wish I could achieve the perfect look daily (can any one really) Some days can be a bit more tricky than others. Not just because I might not feel in to it, or because I am spending the entire day at home, but because my lifestyle has once again changed. Having … Continue reading

Baby Boy’s Spring Shopping List

I was a bit hesitant to title this post with ‘baby’ since sometimes our little guy doesn’t seem to be a baby any more. He is so independent and wild, that it is hard to believe that not that long ago, he was just a wish his dad and I had. But since his doctor … Continue reading

Staying Zen

Pretty sure you have heard this before but after having kids it is incredibly difficult to find time to work out. I try to go to a class here and there when my little guy is at MDO but during that time I have so many things to do I don’t get to do it … Continue reading

While I was Away

I under estimated how amazing it would feel to be away with no TV and with very limited (… like lucky if I had any) WiFi. I actually didn’t realized it till we landed and we went to our car and turned the radio on. All of the craziness news (plus a few pretty sad … Continue reading

Baby Boy’s Fall Shopping List

It has felt like a very hot and humid summer in Texas this fall, but our resent trip up north made me crave a cooler weather and of course layering. I am very excited that my little boy is officially a toddler and can wear more stylish clothes for this season. We are a bit … Continue reading

Traveling with Baby

My friend Candace and I use to always say that everything happens for a reason. This saying was on my mind the entire two hours (and a few extra minutes) that it took us to fly from Houston to Chicago. For our baby boy’s first flight, we were expecting him to be shy and unsure. … Continue reading