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Two Years

  Two years ago, our lives changed completely. After many years of trying and wishing, our little guy finally arrived to this world. I never understood the saying ‘days are long but the years are short ‘ till I met our little guy. Not going to lie, motherhood is hard, but no matter how difficult … Continue reading

Wish List

To say August is a crazy month is an understatement. It has always been a crazy month in my family, between back to school, last minute summer vacay, my mom’s and dad’s birthday and now add our little guy’s birthday to the mix and it feels like everyday is a celebration this month. As I … Continue reading

Baby’s First Swim

I have a confession to make, I was not a so excited about sending my little guy to swim class so young. I am not a fan of the water, open water is one of my biggest fears, and as ridiculous as it sounds, thinking of my little guy in a bug pool full of … Continue reading

Sweet Escape: Provence

I am constantly day dreaming about new places to visit and maybe a few new adventures. We live in an incredibly beautiful world and I would love to see it all. I also think the fact that thanks to 21andMe results showed so many different countries that I had no idea I had ancestors from, … Continue reading

Wish List

How are you surviving this summer? I don’t mean only when it comes to hot temperatures, but if you have a kid, how do you manage to survive each and every day? This is my first summer with a toddler and between the super hot day (feels like triple digits!) and then the rain, just … Continue reading

Random Rambling

It is absolutely natural to outgrow things. It is part of life! We outgrow our clothes (literally and figuratively), friends and sometimes lifestyle. Sometimes the growing involves growing pains; sometimes it is just a smooth transition. All this rambling about outgrowing is because I feel like I have outgrown something that has to do with … Continue reading

Costa Rica: Beauty Bag

Once again my beauty samples were the perfect beauty travel companions. Like I mention before, the fact that we were going to the RAINforest went over my head. Everything that I packed was useful, but I think I overdid it with the hydrating products. I packed my favorite travel peal product, a couple of products … Continue reading

Costa Rica: What I Packed

  This is not my first time going to the rainforest, but my past experiences always included the beach. Actually it was a trip to the beach and a day to visit the rainforest, so technically it was my first time staying and having a full vacation there. I am ashamed to admit it but … Continue reading