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Loving Right Now

I am currently having a huge hoop earrings moment. I love how they are a big statement earing but at the same time are not overpowering. I also love that they can be casual or dressy. Not many jewelry pieces can be that versatile. And let’s be honest there is something about hoop earrings that … Continue reading

Loving Right Now:

Rose all day! Even in your shoes! Sneakers and athletic shoes are so hot right now. They are perfect for anyone, at any age and they are a most in your closet. For a while it was all about the all white, then the all black was everything, but now I am loving them in … Continue reading

Loving Right Now

We can all agree that one piece swimsuits are swimsuit of the moment. There is something for everyone, classic cut outs, French cut; the options are limitless once you search. When my little guys started swim school, I tried to look for a one piece that was simple and classic. I assumed that it would … Continue reading

Loving Right Now

The official color of the millennial has become in to a very popular and chic options for some fun shades. It use to be rare to fins a good pair of pink sunnies but now every designer and online retailer has many different options for you to love. Round, think frame, aviator, the options and … Continue reading

Loving Right Now: Baskets

Basket is such a spring- summer accessory in general, that it is not a surprise that it is one of the hottest trends this season. Go for a big one to carry a picnic or all the beach essentials, to a tiny little one as the perfect accessory to a springy outfit. And Don’t forget … Continue reading

Loving Right Now

Past seasons it has been all about the glow when it came to beauty trends. Don’t worry the glow is not going anywhere, but instead of a golden tone, it is more of a natural shades of pink. From blush to lipstick and eye shadow, I am absolutely loving pink as part of my beauty … Continue reading

Loving Right Now: Wallet in Chain

  I think I got very lucky when it comes to a diaper bag. It is chic, fits everything and it is liquid proof! As much as I love my diaper bag, I am just so over caring a big bag, so when I am able to go diaper bag free, I chose a small … Continue reading

Loving Right Now: All Day Slippers

Now that the PJ’s trend has been going strong for a few seasons (started as the pjs inspired shirt, to full pjs set as ready to wear to, my personal favorite, ropes as outwear) it officially has a name; bathleisure. My new favorite piece of batheisure wear that I am loving right now is the … Continue reading