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The Romper

I always underestimate the romper. It use to remind me so much of children clothing, but I never consider how easy and versatile it could be. You can go casual or dressy, it is all on the accessories! Also, since you are technically wearing shorts, it is extremely comfortable no matter the occasion. I recently … Continue reading

Costa Rica: What I Packed

  This is not my first time going to the rainforest, but my past experiences always included the beach. Actually it was a trip to the beach and a day to visit the rainforest, so technically it was my first time staying and having a full vacation there. I am ashamed to admit it but … Continue reading

Frankly My Dear …

You know, one of my favorite things about getting older is stop giving a damn! Let me explain, from pre teen to even mid twenties we focus so much on how we can make people like us (or at least I did!) I spend way too much precious time trying to become someone that everyone … Continue reading

Loving Right Now

The official color of the millennial has become in to a very popular and chic options for some fun shades. It use to be rare to fins a good pair of pink sunnies but now every designer and online retailer has many different options for you to love. Round, think frame, aviator, the options and … Continue reading

Favorite Editors to Follow

When I was a little girl, I use to cut articles and pictures from different magazines to create my own. I would spend hours organizing, cutting and gluing my magazine together. So there is not surprice that one of my many dream jobs was to be an editor for a fashion magazine. (I still dream … Continue reading

Tending Sandals 101

Time to let our little toes out to play! This is the season for sandals and we have so many fun trends that will satisfied any style. From heel to wedge and my new favorite, the slide (oh you don’t even understand the love that I have for the sandal slide!) Here are the top … Continue reading

Off Shoulder Tunic

When summer arrives in Texas, you truly feel it! This is why we have to be very awarded of fabrics and silhouette. Cotton and linen are a must! I absolutely love the tunic silhouette because of its airiness and its comfort. I choose to go for the trendy off the shoulder look with long sleeves. … Continue reading

Cut Off for Cut Off

When I was in my early twenties, the way I imagined my style in my thirties was going to be different, maybe a bit more conservative than then. I mean, when you are twenty or twenty one year old, your thirties feels like so far away. You have so many dreams, so many ideas of … Continue reading