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November Beauty Faves

While it is incredibly important to start using light anti aging products in your mid 20s, your 30s (aka me right now) is prime time to have a good beauty routine that involves some kind of anti aging treatment. Just using an product with the words ‘anti-agine’ is not enough. Our skin needs back up … Continue reading

September Beauty Faves

I never expected for the month of September to be such an insane month. Many of my beauty MVP’s for this month, have to do with items that I used to survive the stress and the craziness that all this month brought; from sleepless nights to fast and easy way to add a little glow … Continue reading

August Beauty Faves

Editors Note: I had this post ready to go up before Harvey devastated our community. Many people, including my family are still struggling with the aftermath. We are a strong city, and I know when this is all over we are going to be stronger on the other side. For now trying to get back … Continue reading

July Beauty Faves

This month I am sharing a few of my favorite lip product, since it is so incredibly hot and humid for any type of makeup for not to melt. If you are lucky enough to be able too wear any lipstick (or any type of lip product for that matter) and 1) not have dry … Continue reading

June’s Beauty Faves

  I think we are all feeling the summer heat! This month, I was able to get away for a bit and enjoy a new country and environment that I never visited before. The new environment plus the warm weather makes my skin break out! The crazy thing about treating break outs is that it … Continue reading

May Beauty Faves

  As a beauty obsess, I am very lucky to get to experiment with many different products. I love sharing my favorites in different post, but sometimes it can get tricky to make and individual post for each product. This is why I decided to start a new series each month. Starting this month, I … Continue reading