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Rapunzel’s Potion

Bangs are just not for me. I got them; it was a bit traumatizing. I tried to keep them up; it was so much work. I tried to worked with them; I just gave up. I don’t regret getting them; I think it is healthy to get them out of my system but pretty early … Continue reading

July Beauty Faves

This month I am sharing a few of my favorite lip product, since it is so incredibly hot and humid for any type of makeup for not to melt. If you are lucky enough to be able too wear any lipstick (or any type of lip product for that matter) and 1) not have dry … Continue reading

Long Lasting Pedi

Like many people, I am very lucky that my pedi usually lasted for a very long time. During a resent trip, I was counting on my luck of long lasting pedicures to continue so I didn’t got a fresh pedi before leaving. Unfortunately this time my luck ran out and after my 2nd day there, … Continue reading

June’s Beauty Faves

  I think we are all feeling the summer heat! This month, I was able to get away for a bit and enjoy a new country and environment that I never visited before. The new environment plus the warm weather makes my skin break out! The crazy thing about treating break outs is that it … Continue reading

Costa Rica: Beauty Bag

Once again my beauty samples were the perfect beauty travel companions. Like I mention before, the fact that we were going to the RAINforest went over my head. Everything that I packed was useful, but I think I overdid it with the hydrating products. I packed my favorite travel peal product, a couple of products … Continue reading

May Beauty Faves

  As a beauty obsess, I am very lucky to get to experiment with many different products. I love sharing my favorites in different post, but sometimes it can get tricky to make and individual post for each product. This is why I decided to start a new series each month. Starting this month, I … Continue reading

Beauty Oils

For many years, I avoided oils because I was very afraid they would increase breakouts. I though using my moisturizer was a good enough option since I had oily skin. The thing is, I was absolutely wrong. In the beauty oil world, there are many options for many skin types including oily. Face oils that … Continue reading

Fave Anti-Aging Products

If you follow me on Insta stories and snapchat, petty sure you had seen me experimenting with many beauty products. Since I turned thirty, I decided to experiment with product that will help my aging skin (I mean, everyone’s skin is aging no matter what age you are) but, at thirty it is the perfect … Continue reading