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My Experience with Whip

This content was sponsored by Olay. All thoughts and opinions are my own. When I was asked to try a new mysterious moisturizer, I have to be honest, I was very intrigued and with not many expectations. Living in Houston, during the seasonal change of weather, finding the right moisturizer can be incredibly tricky since … Continue reading

November Beauty Faves

While it is incredibly important to start using light anti aging products in your mid 20s, your 30s (aka me right now) is prime time to have a good beauty routine that involves some kind of anti aging treatment. Just using an product with the words ‘anti-agine’ is not enough. Our skin needs back up … Continue reading

Beauty Must Haves:

When you combine airplane air and heater can be a disastrous combination to your skin! It is very important to take the right products to protect your skin. As you guys know, I avoid wearing makeup on a plane (*update* since mascara doesn’t touch your pores, it is ok to wear it, if you really … Continue reading

Inside the Bubble

Last week was bit rough on the parenting department. It was one of those situations were no matter what you do, you feel like you are failing, but in reality whatever happens, it will be ok because you are trying your best. To get to this conclusion I needed some clarity and some relaxation. Thankfully … Continue reading

October Beauty Faves

This month I there is only one product on my favorite list; Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil. Winter can make our entire skin so dry. We focus so much on our faces but sometimes we forget about our entire body. Hazelnut Oil softens, smooth and hydrates by locking in moisture. While the Rosemary, Geranium and … Continue reading

Loving Right Now: Deep Berry Lips

The statement lip is always in and this season is all about the deep berry shades. There are so many ways to wear it and so many colors. You can do a soft burgundy by only using matte lipstick applied with your fingers or make a huge statement lip with a blacken plump matte shade … Continue reading

Beauty Goodies Under $25

Beauty products can get so pricey, I know I can get carried away and spend more than I wanted to on a fabulous cream or lately the latest beauty gadgets. But honestly, there are so many good affordable beauty products and gadgets. I think it would be refreshing for me and the blog to share … Continue reading

September Beauty Faves

I never expected for the month of September to be such an insane month. Many of my beauty MVP’s for this month, have to do with items that I used to survive the stress and the craziness that all this month brought; from sleepless nights to fast and easy way to add a little glow … Continue reading