Brittney’s Upper Eastside Apartment

Many of you had been wondering what happened to Brittney. I know you guys miss her cool but chic style and yes her fun single girl stories. Well, Brittney is basically living our (at least mine) SATC dreams in New York City while working her dream job. But why don’t I let her tell you guys while she share with us her new upper eastside apartment!

What have you been up to since last time we heard from you on C&F?

Well, I moved New York City, and started a new job at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! I work as a merchandiser for their retail sector, and I’m loving it.

How is your new life in NYC?

It’s very different than my life in Houston, a lot more walking, a lot more people, and a lot more taxes, but I love it. The city is definitely for me, I’m never leaving.

How is Fritz?

Fritz is doing great, he loves his walks in central park and all the dogs he meets walking around the city. In New York there are dog friends around every corner.

How has New York changed or evolved your home style aesthetic?

When I had to move all my furniture and home items from my loft in Houston all the way across the country to New York, it forced me to really consider each item. When you’re paying for an item to be driven that far, you take the time to consider if you actually like or need it. This of course caused me to pair down a bit. Living in such a congested and hectic city, I find that I want to come home to tranquility and simplicity. I call my interior style bohemian austere. I like my home space to be minimal and modern, with a warm and eclectic vibe.

What is your favorite piece in your home?

Thats a hard one. I’m quite fond of my large black and white painting hanging over the couch. I had it commissioned from an artist in San Antonio, when I lived there. That thing has been in many apartments with me, six to be exact!

Where is your favorite place to shop for home décor?

If I’m looking for vintage items, I like to shop at Home Union in Brooklyn. For new items I shop mainly at CB2, world market, Schoolhouse electric and supply, Mur lifestyle, need-supply, Coming soon, and the Met shop.

When shopping do you prefer online or do you prefer to visit show rooms?

I love to visit shops to see the products in person, good photos can be very misleading and New York has so many amazing home and gift shops.

What is the piece that you still want to get for your home?

Vitsoe shelves are on the top of my wish list. They are modern, custom units designed by Dieter Rams. I lucked out and got two walk in closets in my apartment (which is a true luxury in Manhattan), and I would like Vitsoe shelves in both of them. I was inordinately moved by The Met’s recent exhibition “Sara Berman’s Closet”, it really inspired me to take my closet aesthetic and organization to the next level.

What is your favorite part of your new neighborhood?

I love that I can get anything I could possibly need within a 2 block radius of my apartment, e.g. A Nail Salon, Wine and liquor store, pizza, vegan food, Persian food, Thai food, Mexican food, a cobbler, a dry cleaners, an ATM, a grocery store, a pharmacy, a pet shop, a pet hospital, a blow out… you name it. The convenience has spoiled me for any other city. I also love that I can walk to work, which is what drew me to the neighborhood in the first place. No daily subway drudgery has done wonders for my stress levels!

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