Classy & Fabulous started as Monica’s outlet to share her love of high fashion, fabulous style and latest beauty trends with fellow fashionistas. The goal of C&F is not only to keep it’s readers up to date with the latest trends straight from the runways, but also to share personal finds and obsessions with the world.


proMonica is a fashion blogger and illustrator base out of Houston TX. Monica created C&F as an outlet to share her love for fashion, beauty and anything alluring with the world. A fashion aficionado, art fanatic and a huge animal lover; Monica loves to update her readers on the latest on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She lives with her husband, baby boy JW and 2 Schnauzers (one mini and one giant). Believe it or not, she has a degree in Biology but in 2010 decided to follow her true passion and created C&F. You can follow Monica on Twitter and Instagram @Classnfab. You can also contact Monica at Monica@classandfab.com

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  1. Hi Monica!

    Just subscribed to your e-mail not to long ago and quite enjoying it! Thank you! Wondering where in the world you are writing from? I am in cold Canada.


  2. OMG Chantelle Im so sorry i just notice i missed spelled your name =( oh BTW i love your name

  3. Just thought Id say Hi, as a fellow Houston-based Fashionista! I know Angela, and noticed you guys met up at Houston Fashion last night!

    Good luck with the blog!

    Lindsay/Violet Peacock

    • Hi Lindsay!,

      Love meeting more fabulous fashionistas from Houston! Yes I finally got to meet Angela. (I’m in love with her hair!!!!! ) Thank you so much for your sweet wishes! Please keep visiting C&F <3


  4. Hello! I came across your blog from a comment and it’s wonderful! It’s nice to see bloggers that can be fabulous no matter where they are!

  5. Just came across you blog and love it!

  6. It’s always a pleasure, to come across websites and blogs representing the Houston Metro-plex area, for it Fashion and Beauty. Houston needs more blogs and website, of keepin the Fashionista’s “In The Know” about local events. Here’s two, Sheckys “Girls Night Out” and GlamShop Girl beauty event. Also, a informative website to add to your favorites is Houston Tidbits.com.

  7. This is such a wonderful website! Did you do all the little drawings, because they are so beautiful (: Your dogs look so cute as well.

    Sarah x

    • Awww thank you! you are so sweet! Yes all the art work is mine. I have a little Etsy store where i sale them =). Thank you our doggies are my hubby’s and my babies =)


  8. Monica, I love your blog and your miniature schnauzer! I always had that breed growing up. I am a blogger in Houston too and surprised we haven’t met. Anyway, keep up the good work!!


    • Leslie,
      Thank you! they are my babies! I checked out your blog and I’m loving it =)
      I love hearing that more fabulous blogs are coming out of Houston! Hopefully we’ll get to met out of the fashion scene!
      Thank you so much for reading my blog =)

      <3 M

  9. Hi Monica!
    Just wanted to tell you, that I love your blog! You have a great style!

  10. Just came across ur blog:) love it!love ur style…chic n classy:)

  11. hi there my name is sandra and i rescue pitties in the houston area. i also love to see great fashion and cant wait to read your blog. though not as chic as you as most of my money goes to my rescues but cant wait to see your awesome fashion 🙂

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  13. Monica! Always wondered what you ended up doing. Looks like you are doing well after SU!

  14. Hi Monica! I recently moved to Houston and look forward to seeing you at the Neiman marcus event! I too have my degree in biology but left it to pursue fashion 🙂 Love your blog, you’ve got such a great personality!

  15. Hi Monica!
    I was so excited to find your blog! I have been trying to find a Houston blogger and when I stumbled uppon yours it made me so happy to know that someone out there is a great fashion ambassador for the terribly underrated Houston area! 🙂 I am begining one too FINALLY and I look foreward to keeping up with yours.

    All the best!

  16. We love this HAUTE Houstonian and her blog! Best wishes,

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