A Day In The Life Of a Single Girl

I have a confession to made; I absolutely enjoy lessening to my single girlfriends dating stories. Since I met my husband at barely twenty years old my experience with dating is incredibly limited. Thankfully I have my single girlfriends to fulfilled my necessity of entertaining single girl stories. Think watching SATC but I actually know the characters. After meeting my friend Tamar for coffee, we though that it would be incredibly fun to share ‘A Day in the Life of a Single Girl’ on the blog! Please enjoy and don’t forget to follow Tamar!

7:00 A.M. – Wake up. Who’s there? I am alone except one dog and one very vocal cat. I look at my last few texts. It appears like the last 12 hours were reasonably appropriate. Text messages and Instagram stories need to be verified for me along with a phone call recap from my bestie.
She says I was charming and didn’t say or wear anything too offensive at our event or at the after party the night before – all is good in the world *whew*
7:20 – Out the door to hit the pavement with the pup. This is my favorite exercise because 1. my a$$ 2. I get quality time with my main b**** 3. my a$$. It’s my best a$$et. Sorrynotsorry and neither are the glutes.
8:00 I’m getting ready for work at The Webster. It’s my first time selling menswear and I swear I have waited 10 years too long. On any day a Rocket, a rapper, a traveling boxer, or a record producer can come in. These days half of my job is chatting with gentlemen about their opinion on Gucci. It’s a love hate relationship. I love Gucci, I hate when the men are unavailable. I pack 10 different lip glosses in case of emergency.
12:00 Lunch date. He’s handsome and smart. My mom would freak out over this guy. Over the hour I figure out he is surprisingly a wild man underneath the suit and it’s giving me wild thoughts about what else is going on under that suit.
1:15 Back at work and the team teases me. Apparently they think he’s a hottie too.
2:00 A group of guys come in to shop. I love taking to guys about shoes. I have been talking to only women about only women’s shoes my whole life. This is a whole new world. Another whole new world: conversing with men. I realize some of the things I can say to women gets lost in translation to the other gender, like when I ask “what are you gentlemen doing later this afternoon?” I get asked “What would YOU like to do this afternoon?” They offered me three of Houston’s finest restaurants. This. Is. So. Confusing. I thought we were talking about Gucci slides. They want to slide into my dinner hour.
6:00 Clients are having wine and invited me last minute to come. I need a distraction and their taste in wine certainly offers that. In fact, I am completely spoiled. They pull me into a very special very very private room called The Wine Room. All the stops and all of the corks are pulled. Apparently 1986 was a very good year for Bordeaux. Also what is apparent is 2017 has become a good year for Tamar to be available for impromptu wine dates.
10:30 It’s a night out dancing. A friend is in town and we hit the town. OFCOURSE every eligible bachelor is under one roof and OFCOURSE they notice I’m with a guy. I suppose I they teach you about supply and demand in economics. What I missed leaning in high school is that logic applied on a dance floor. I learn that night that the best job for a wing man, turns out, is to be a man.
1:30 am I am alone except for my Lyft driver who gets all the recycled jokes that I used to try to pick up guys tonight. There is nothing like honing your stand up routine at this hour – I mean, what is an inhibition? I tell myself this day is too funny to keep to myself. I have to start writing this down somewhere. One day, when I’m happily married with my 2.5 children, I want to be able to recall how, hilariously, I was juuuuuuust fiiiiiiiiiine.

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