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The nude look is everything right now, but as much as we would love to just have woke up like this, it does take some work to create the perfect no make up, make up look. Here are a few tips to achieve the nude eye look:


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Random Rambling


I usually do my little random ramblings of Fridays, but today is a very special day. Today is my hubby’s Birthday!!!!

He is an incredibly private person; I mean he doesn’t even have facebook! I use to say that he had an old soul, but now even our grandmothers have facebook so Continue reading

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Q&A with @beautynowapp

office pic Kathleen


If you are reading this blog, there is a high chance that you are not only a fashion lover, but also a beauty fanatic. In that case, I am pretty sure you are already familiar with the latest beauty app making our life less complicated. I am always inspired by women who work hard to follow their dreams and are successful at it so I was extremely excited when I had a chance to talk to Kathleen Jennings, the gorgeous girl behind the app, to learn more about @Beautynowapp and of course about her. Continue reading

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Latest Home Decor Obsession


It is no a secret that I love and I would love to have a full wall length size bookcase. Well if that dream came true, I would not organize my book collection in alphabetical order, but from lightest cover to darkest cover. I guess you could say that I will be judging a book by its cover! Continue reading

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[editorial] photography

Soo Joo Park - (US) Harper's Bazaar September 2013 - 1

Snow Angel

 US Harper’s Bazaar,  September 2013

Model: Soo Joo Park

Photographer: Miguel Reveriego Continue reading

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