Latest Home Decor Obsession


It is all about showcasing your beautiful accessories in a unique way. Pick unique pieces, for example I choose a Greek/Roman inspired bust  and  wooden hand that is usually used to sketch. Here are a few other pieces that I like

aldea_immlivingadornjewelryholderls JewelryHolder2 P569-001 pw_1055 IMG_8624-815x1024 royal-tine-jewelry-holder

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Random Rambling


Today begins my last year as a 20something. Yes, today is my 29th birthday! Since the beginning of the month I’ve been having mix feelings. Some days I am 100% ready, and even excited and others I wish I could stop time, or even go back to a couple of years. But unfortunately, we can’t stop time so I decided to welcome 29 with open arms… maybe firm adult hand shake or maybe a just a Continue reading

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Best Dressed: Emmy’s 2014

130920174244-emmy-trophy-story-topIt was a very red carpet, literary!  The color of the night were reds and corals, but there were a few that choose different colors and we also hits! Here are a few of my favorite. (P.S. A few looked amazing on TV but not so so in photo, did you feel the same way) Continue reading

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Beauty Tip


As I mention before, it is important to change your personal scent each season. I recently found out that perfume oils are better for the fall season because of it’s strong base fragrance. Another plus is that the scent of oils last longer on dry Continue reading

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Fall Wish List


Before the season starts, like right now, we always have a wish list of things that we would love to add to our closet to update it for the upcoming collection. Here is my wish list for all 2014: Continue reading

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