Q&A: Bianca Chowdhury designer of Shanaz Designs

PicMonkey CollageAbout a  month ago  I met with the cutest accessory designer for coffee. I decided to meet with Bianca because I have see her versatile and incredibly chic hand bags and I just had to meet the girl behind Shanaz Designs. Bianca is not only an talented designer but also and incredible business women. I love how you can wear one of her bags multiple ways and the best part is that each bag is  handcrafted in New York City in support of fair labor to improve the quality of life both locally and globally.

Here is a little q&a so you get to also know Bianca Chowdhury and Shanaz Designs

 First fashion memory

I used to accessorize using my mom’s accessories; playing around in her closet triggered my love for mixing and matching fashion.

Describe your style in 3 words:

Classic, bold and genuine.

 Style Icones?

The Olsen Twins, Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively

 Priorities when choosing an outfit?

I like to be in tune with my mood; if I feel like I am going to have a challenging day I dress in what makes me feel most confident. On a long tiring day I dress for comfort but keep my outfit polished with right layers; a blazer is one of my go to finishing pieces.  I enjoy layering and separates allowing me to make adjustments throughout the day; obviously accessories play a huge role in that.  I may have a clutch inside a tote and alternate between the two based on need or mood.

 Go to outfit when you just don’t know what to wear?

A sundress is easy and typically start off by wearing flats.  I love transitioning this look as needed with layering and a change of shoes to something dressier.

 Signature accessory?

I’m a jewelry girl and I always wear rings.

 Tips to update your closet for fall 2014?

Add a punch of color with accessories or updated classic pieces. Replace your black blazer with a burgundy one for a more on-trend-moment.  A bold blue handbag (Shanaz has just there right tone of blue) adds a punch of color to a little black dress or a casual jeans and tee look.

Favorite fall trends?

Over the top prints in black and white and rich colors like burgundy, forest green and royal blue.  I love trends that can be used by all women and that translate to timelessness.

 Favorites Runway looks for Fall 2014?

 I love Rag & Bone and Edun.

 What would you never wear?

Anything that it’s too trendy and unflattering.

 Any personal styling  or beauty tips or tricks you would like to share?

  If it fits well that’s the first step; extremely close to that is that it makes you feel great. Believe in your style and how you feel!

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